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No More Dirty Tricks!

"A proposed change... in the way California's votes are allocated in the presidential election might have a sheen of fairness, but it is nakedly partisan and profoundly subversive of our constitutional system."
Editorial Board
Orange County Register
"The fight isn’t about Republicans vs. Democrats. It is about whether to twist the nation’s system of electing presidents to give one party an unfair advantage. No principled elected official, or voter, of either party should support that."
Editorial Board
New York Times
"These pernicious initiatives often pass in this state because they are cleverly misleading and they are on the ballot in low turnout elections. This time it affects the whole country and it would be smart for everyone to get involved."

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No More Dirty Tricks!
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The following "No Dirty Tricks" videos were produced by or for the Courage Campaign. You can see all of Courage Campaign's videos on YouTube at:



No Dirty Tricks: Sneaky signature gatherers at UCSB

The Courage Campaign went to UC Santa Barbara to document bait-and-switch bamboozling by paid signature gatherers for the Dirty Tricks Initiative.

Special thanks to Erik Love, David Dayen, Bob Ngo, Patrick Lopez-Aguado, and Clayton Childress.

Bradley Whitford, Part Two of "No Dirty Tricks!"

In his second YouTube video for the Courage Campaign, Emmy Award-winning actor Bradley Whitford, best known for his role as "Josh Lyman" on The West Wing, talks about the danger posed by the dirty trick to steal the White House in 2008.

Bradley Whitford: No More Dirty Tricks!

Emmy Award-winning actor Bradley Whitford, best known for his role as "Josh Lyman" on The West Wing, reminds us of who has the most to lose if the Republicans steal the White House for another four years.

Netroots unite to endorse "No Dirty Tricks"

Inspired by our netroots-driven campaign, bloggers David Dayen ("dday") and Dante Atkins ("hekebolos") got together with other netroots activists in Los Angeles and independently shot and produced a YouTube video endorsing the "No Dirty Tricks" campaign. If you read progressive blogs, you'll recognize some familiar names in this video.

Doh! Arnold won't "read or lead" on dirty tricks

In this YouTube clip, you’ll see how incredibly prescient the new “Simpsons” movie is about Arnold's, er, "philosophy" on Republican dirty tricks.

Rick Jacobs on dirty tricks by the "Sons of Nixon"

Watch this YouTube video to hear Rick Jacobs talk about what the “Sons of Nixon” are doing and what you can do to stop it.